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Observatory Findings

We surveyed over 90 CMO's, CDO's and MarTech Professionals from any part of the global. We investigated the reasons why Corporate Digital Transformation Projects tend to fail.

👉 Global #Pandemic has accelerated the need for #DigitalTransformation 📲 💻 However, a successful #DigitalTransformation of a business can be tough to deliver. The path from words to execution seems to be long, tortuous and full of obstacles. 🗻⌚️🔦Therefore, we asked the following the question: Why do Corporate Digital Transformation Projects tend to fail?

Here is what we have discovered! Enjoy our findings!

Q: Why Do Corporate Digital Transformation Projects fail?

Reluctance to change 51%
Lack of Digital Leadership 25%
Lack of Digital Capabilities 18%
Poor Digital Infrastructure 6%

Research produced with the special contribution of professionals from leading Global Brands such as: ABB, DYSON UK, PIRELLI, BARCLAYS BANK, CAPGEMINI UAE, ACCENTURE, ILLY CAFFE', PAYPAL Australia, ALIBABA, TOD's, ENEL, UNILEVER UK, UBS Switzerland, MENARINI, LONDON BUSINESS SCHOOL, LVMH Uk, ESSELUNGA, MARKS & SPENCER UK and many more

Credits: Research designed, illustrated and produced by Davide Scialpi, Economist and Senior Marketing Technology Leader

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